Dinosaur Tracks in the San Gabriel River near Leander

There are some great places in Texas to see Dinosaur tracks.  Dinosaur Valley State Park is a must see, but we visited an interesting site while looking for a Geocache nearby.

Dinosaur Tracks

This site is near Leander and it located just South of Highway 29 on Highway 183.  The best way to find it is to travel South on 183 to the San Gabriel River.  Don’t park in the subdivision South of the river, as it apparently hurts people’s feelings and then I “Just may have gotten myself in trouble with this ‘blog’.”  It’s sad really.  The tracks are just West of Highway 183.  I know there is a public place to park right off of 183, but I am not sure where.  Let me know if you have details.  It is worth the hike!  You don’t get to see Dinosaur tracks every day…


You can walk right up these tracks.  There is no fence or fee.  Just walk up and enjoy.

One thing though…  As with every site, do not disturb the site or damage the tracks.  These tracks are for everyone to enjoy.


Leander Dino Tracks Leander Dino Tracks Leander Dino Tracks Leander Dino Tracks Leander Dino Tracks

I hope that you follow our lead by leaving no trace of your visit.  We always keep a garbage bag to clean up after ourselves.  Unfortunately, we also clean up after jerks that litter.  I will never understand why people have no concern for anyone but themselves.  Enough of my soapbox…


It is a very beautiful site by the river.  The kids loved it.  Ok…  I loved it too…

Many of our adventures involve looking for Geocaches in the area.

Here are the Geocache coordinates for Dinosaur Highway:  N 30° 36.987 W 097° 52.076

If you have never heard of Geocaching, I will be writing a post soon to discuss how much fun you can have.

That’s it for now.  I think I will do an entry on Geocaching next…

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